Leila Ortiz

Founding Goddess of the Sisterhood

Leila is a Los Angles native and domestic jet-setter who has made it her mission to build sisterhood and spread #BlackGirlMagic everywhere she goes. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Leila founded The Black Pearl Project in 2014 in effort to engage with and support women who look like her and share her experiences. She prides herself on being a "Woman Warrior" and a "Champion for WOC" which reflects in TBPP's programming. She addresses every sister she encounters as "Queen" because she believes God made them that way. "Sisterhood is important" is her mantra and Leila truly believes that she's best friends with everyone. Lol. As the Founding Goddess of the Sisterhood, Leila and her team of talented MELANATED QUEENS are trying to take over the world and spread the gospel that is TBPP.


Kimber Bowman

Queen of Connections + Strategy

Born in Detroit, bred in NYC, flourishing in Los Angeles. Kimber serves as thee QUEEN of Connections and Strategy for TBPP. She's the plug, dawg. A marketing guru by day and creative genius by night, Kimber is in charge of growing TBPP partnerships and global presence. 


T'Essence Minnitie

Biz Development Queen + Super Woman

T’Essence or T is a California native & Pepperdine University ‘14 grad with a passion for storytelling. Yes, my name does have meaning lol it is “The Essence of Life.” Currently she is an Operations Manager at Popsugar studios but her short term goal is to transition full-time into TV & Film Development. With a focus on business development and expansion, her goal is to create a world highlighting and uplifting WOC. For T’Essence, TBPP is an once in a lifetime opportunity to nurture and support women who look like her to takeover the word. Cause we are FULLY capable of that, trust me. She is looking forward to forming lifelong bonds and fostering Sisterhood with every one of the gifted, talented and melanated women in TBPP.


Kimberly Braxton

Goddess of Sisterhood + Yo Best Friend



Joanna Morrow

Queen of Vibes and Moods

Joanna is the Queen of many things. As the Queen of Vibes and Moods, Joanna serves as TBPP's National Event Director where she oversees the planning of all TBPP events, workshops, and engagements. A graduate of Old Dominion University and Virginia Tech, Joanna is a Commercial Property Manager who manages two class A office buildings in the heart of the District. Before taking the stage as our Queen of Vibes and Moods, Joanna spent two years growing the D.C. sisterhood by hosting and facilitating some of our most popular events events. Joanna truly believes in helping others and supporting the success of her sisters through innovative and effective programing. In addition to being our Queen of Vibes and Moods, she's also the QUEEN of the Bee-hive. This is indisputable and not up for debate.


Imani West

Queen of Social Media + Community

Imani is a Baltimore based and New York bred communications and marketing professional specializing in copy writing, social media marketing, and digital media management. She is the founder and leading content creator for Thee Queen Connection, a women’s empowerment initiative dedicated to connecting women to opportunities, events, resources, and each other. 
Currently, Imani is the communications and marketing associate for the Johns Hopkins University Urban Health Institute. She holds a BA in Mass Communication and Political Science from Virginia Wesleyan University. To learn more about Imani you can visit