Come hang with us! We have chapters in Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Brooklyn, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Nashville,TN, Oakland/San Francisco, CA, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, D.C.

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TBPP Connect

WE WANT YOU! Are you interested in joining the sisterhood in your community? Do you wish you had access to our initiatives and programming but don't have a chapter located in your community? TBPP Connect is a virtual hangout for women interested in officially joining our sisterhood. These live meetings happen once a month and are designed to inform, educate, inspire, and most of all foster the spirit of sisterhood. Come hang with us!



Go SIS! is a series of creative co-working sessions and professional development workshops where we provide tools, resources, and experiences to support young women in accomplishing their professional goals in a collaborative and supportive environment. Go SIS! events encourage entrepreneurship, collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, growth, and foster partnerships while working on accomplishing your goals.


TBPP SWEAThearts is our primary self care initiative geared towards health and fitness. The workouts will vary from month to month but one thing will remain the same: we'll provide you with a fun and exciting workout in a safe and supportive space with other amazing women!



Sisterhood Socials are social events encouraging sisterhood and tribe building through fun and exciting - girls only - outings! Because sisterhood is important, each experience is an opportunity to network, connect, and build strong relationships with likeminded women in your community.


Self care is exactly what it sounds like – taking care of you! Each session offers an opportunity for women to feel pampered, appreciated, and understood. We encourage practices of self love and self preservation while creating a safe space to discuss various topics in a supportive environment.


Precious Goods is our primary community service initiative in which we collect donations of feminine hygiene products and assemble care packages for women in need. To participate, all you have to do is show up with your donations and help us assemble the care packages. This event is also a great opportunity to network and make new friends!



The Sisterhood Supper is a seasonal dinner party that brings a group of professional women together to connect and collaborate in the spirit of sisterhood. Join us for an evening of amazing food, conversation, and mini-workshops; you’ll leave feeling full and ready to conquer the world!


The #HashtagLunchbag experience consists of bringing together a group, creating bagged lunches, dropping in a handwritten love note acknowledging the recipient, distributing the meals to your local community, and sharing your experiences with your friends & followers, inspiring them to pay it forward - turning one ripple of kindness into a wave, one lunch bag at a time! The Black Pearl Project founded #HashtagLunchbag chapters in Baltimore, MD, and Brooklyn, NY.


The Sister's Keeper is an annual weekend retreat designed to create a space for WOC to feel inspired, free, loved, empowered, and celebrated as the melinnated goddesses we are. Join us for an experience of self-love combined with the power of true sisterhood.