Tracking the P | 4 Apps to Help You Keep Track of Aunt Flo


Because sometimes we have to ask ourselves, "is it that time of the month again?", and that's okay because a woman's body is never exactly what you expect. Luckily, there's a few apps (or hundreds), to give you fair warning when Aunt Flo steps into town. Period tracker apps are nothing new but are somehow overlooked.

There are a number of ways in which these apps can be beneficial to every woman including, irregular periods, fertility treatments, mood checkers, and more. Women can literally pinpoint when they ovulate and days they’re likely to have PMS. Some apps track dozens of associated factors like energy levels, sleep, appetite, temperature, and even your period’s effect on your hair. They offer great ways to stay on top of your menstrual cycle, and most are free or low-cost.

Here are some of our faves!



1. Clue


Clue is more neutral, thankfully, than some of the other offerings. It doesn’t present your reproductive info with a shower of flower petals and pink mist. It’s red, blue, green, and white. It’s as simplistic and straightforward as a pile of alphabet blocks, or a complex as a medical chart depending on how you use it.

Clue is fully integrated with Apple Health, which makes it optimal for iOS users who use the catch-all fitness app. It’s also available for Android


2. Eve


Where apps like Clue are the straightlaced whiteboards of period tracker apps, Eve is more like a wall covered in stickers. It reminds you of your cycles in emoji-laced notifications, and every log is a colorful drawing rather than plain old text.

There’s also an encyclopedia of information on things like birth control. For some people (me included), it might seem a little too precious to have all the reactions be pictures. But if you like having a health app with personality, Eve will provide. It’s available on iOS and Android


3. Period Tracker


If you don’t have time for the circles and frills of other apps, then a simple calendar is your best bet. Period Tracker is a straightforward calendar where you can add everything by day. Granted, it can end up looking like the world’s most detailed day planner, but — as someone who actually uses a day planner — that works for some people.

There’s a Deluxe paid version, though I honestly couldn’t tell you what the difference between that and the free version, as both seem to handle the basic info in which I’m interested. Save yo money girl! Whatever you decide, both versions are available for iOS and Android.


4. Pink Pad


Pink Pad has something the other apps don’t: an emphasis on community. Yup, sisterhood ya'll and you know that's our wish!!! The app’s journal-like design and bright colors are appealing, but not especially unique. Its social network-like qualities are what set it apart.

You can ask your fellow members questions regarding reproductive health, share stories, and give advice. That’s refreshing when it comes to something that is usually talked about in more hushed, borderline shameful tones in person (at least in my experience). It’s available for iOS and Android.

So ladies, these are our faves! What do you think? Have you tried one that you absolutely love? We'd love to hear about it!