Ask a Sister | Finger Detangling: To Do or Not To Do?


Finger detangling? To do or not to do? Here's some advice from our friends at A Touch of Swank.

When I first went to the Deva Chan Salon and they told me to use my fingers to detangle my hair, I thought to myself, "Yeah right!... me finger detangle this hair?? Not in this life!!" After seeing how long I was in the washing station while she cleansed, deep conditioned and detangled my hair... I just wasn't convinced that I would ever master the technique of finger detangling. Furthermore, I didn't see the point. Why take time to finger detangle when a wide-tooth comb, paddle brush or Denman brush could do it in half the time??


Well I must say, I'm now a believer. It all started off on a lazy evening while I was watching TV. I knew I had to redo my hair but my show was on and precious time was passing. So I figured I'd spray my hair down with some water & put some conditioner in it and begin detangling to save some time. (that's the least I could do, right??)  I parted my hair in 4 sections and began on the left-back side...5 mins later I had smooth, conditioned, detangled curls. What the?! So I twisted that up and started on the next section... and in less than 30 minutes I had detangled my whole head and even had time to let that conditioner sit in my hair for a little while before I finally got up to cleanse my scalp & rinse everything out. While rinsing my hair out under the sink, I noticed I had minimal shed hairs and more definition than when I use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush and styling was actually easier.


After seeing how well this went the first time, I had to see how this would work out after cleansing, so on another day I washed my hair in the sink and sat right back in front my TV and began detangling my hair... within minutes my hair looked like I was done styling. If I were a conditioner-only kinda girl, I would've been done. But I got back under the faucet to rinse and once again, had barely any shed hairs in the sink and styling was a breeze. By this point, I was so excited and began wondering why I ever needed a comb. As much as I don't care to wash my hair in the shower, this method has made it much easier and worth while when redoing my hair during the week since now I can get out the shower and style right away without having to worry about detangling. This is actually faster for me as it allows my curls to clump without the comb/brush disturbing my natural curl pattern.


So what's the verdict? If I'm in a rush I still use my brushes on wash day to thoroughly detangle my hair from root to tip. Using  the Denman D4 for even product distribution of my deep conditioner and the Denman D83 paddle brush for detangling wet hair. But overall, I definitely love the benefits of finger detangling and have added this to my daily routine.

Tonya Neckles