#MondayMotivation | Minna Salami: To Change the World, Change your Illusions

This week's Monday Motivation comes from Nigerian, Finnish and Swedish writer, and speaker, Minna Salami. An activist and change agent, Mina is also the founder of the feminist blog, MsAfropolitan, which connects feminism with contemporary culture from an Africa-centred perspective. In this talk TEDx Talk, Minna shares images of women from around the world, highlighting how out of touch the stereotypes are from reality. She tells powerful stories of her diverse grandmothers whose lives have shaped hers and of how images of African women in the West do not represent the experiences of her own friends and family. And how, very simply, African women like the same things as women everywhere.


Check it our below!

Minna Salami writes, speaks and advocates on a broad range of Africa, Diaspora and feminist issues. She writes the award-winning African feminist blog, MsAfropolitan, and is a member of the Duke University’s Global Educator Network as well as the Guardian’s (UK) Africa Network. An advocate of global feminist awareness, Minna has presented hundreds of talks and dozens of keynotes at cultural events, high level summits and industry conferences around the world including in the UK, South Africa, Finland, Norway, Nigeria, Gabon, Morocco, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, China, the Gambia, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UAE and the USA. She has also served as a nominator for the Prince Claus Foundation and the Princess of Asturias Foundation. In 2016, Minna joined Friends of the Earth to work as a lead author on the BIG IDEAS project, which identified 30 big ideas to change the world.