2018, I'm Coming For You! 5 Tips to Help You Own Your 2018 Goals!


New Year resolutions - we all make them. We all have good intentions but setting goals and sticking to them, (while trying to navigate LIFE as a WOC in America), is Hard AF! Every year we find ourself with a plethora of declarations and commitments to feed into our "New Year, New Me", ambitions. We all just want to be great, but even with the best intentions, we sometimes fall off track. It's okay though. Because this year, dare we say it... IS OUR YEAR! That's right, 2018, WE'RE COMING FOR YOU, GIRL!

We're ready to smash our goals and make 2018 our bitch. We know you feel the same so here are five tips to help you own your goals for 2018!


1. Be Real with Yourself


A New Year gives many of us feeling of excitement and inspiration about the year ahead. Everybody is super charged and we want to do everything, which sounds good but could also be detrimental to the plan. Set yourself up for success by being real with yourself. Instead of shooting for something unrealistic, aim for one or two goals that are sensible and attainable. Set realistic goals that don't require drastic lifestyle changes that may leave you overwhelmed and uninspired. Plan, plan, plan, to ensure you have the time and resources to accomplish your goal. You gotta really do the work. This will be hard, but YOU GOT THIS!


 2. Write It Down


When you put pen to paper and write down your goals, you automatically turn your thoughts into something tangible. Post your goals in a place you'll be forced to look at them regularly, and as you re-read them again and again. By keeping these visuals hanging around your home, on the fridge or at your desk at work, you will have constant reminders to stay motivated and stick to your plan. Studies show that keeping a written record of your progress can also help you succeed.


3. Measure and Track


If you don’t set a goal that’s measureable in some way, how will you know when you’ve achieved it? Use mini-goals to function as progress checkpoints along the way to the main goal, that way, if your long-term goal seems overwhelming, you can break it down into more short-term, measurable daily or weekly goals. Try committing to a step by step action plan to help you stay on the path. Focus on small commitments that will aide your success. Since you will be able to track your progress on a gradual but consistent basis, you will be able to see yourself succeeding.


4. Get Your Squad Involved


We're all a movement by ourselves, but we're really a force when we're together! Having friends and family on board is a major key to success! Research has shown that when you make a commitment to improve your lifestyle along with someone else — a close friend, your significant other, a child — you're more likely to stick with it. So call your best friend or your boo thang and get them involved. You’re much more likely to show up and take accountably when you know someone else is involved!


5. Reward Yourself


All progress is some progress so no matter what, take time to celebrate your successes and reward yourself. Clap for your damn self because you, are pretty amazing! How about a day of pampering? Get a fabulous new haircut, a mani-pedi, a facial, or a massage. Giving yourself little rewards allows you to celebrate your progress and motivated you to keep working towards that goal!